Dimond Slice Vegetarian Pizzeria is the bomb! We love this place!

My family and I LOVE to go to Dimond Slice!  It’s a Vegetarian Pizzeria located in the Dimond District of Oakland. It is absolutely delicious! This place knows how to make a pizza.
They have a really simple menu. They only have one Pizza of the Day every day. You have the choice of regular cheese or vegan cheese. You can also have a salad with your pizza.

If you go, please write to me and let me know what you think!

This is their website so check them out if you’re in Oakland: http://dimondpizza.com/

This place is especially exciting because my family and I are 90% plant-based. So this place gives us a place to go to that we enjoy without any meat. As many of you know, my family and I are “Flexitarian”. This means we are 90% plant-based and like to eat whole real foods. However, on weekends or when we go out with friends and attend parties, we are flexible and will eat what’s offered. We do sometimes eat ethically-raised meat, dairy, cheese, and honey but prefer vegetarian and vegan options. So that is why Dimond Slice is such a great place – it’s our “go-to” place.
Here’s what one of our favorite pizzas looks like. It is divine! It has fresh corn, white and cremini mushrooms, chile pasilla, mozzarella, french feta cheese, cilantro sprinkled on top. Limes & pesto sauce on the side.


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  1. Livie, this sounds great! Look forward to trying it sometime. Thanks for the recommendation. 😊

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